Join Erik Trinidad in this travel web series with a scientific and anthropological twist, where he aims to answer questions about the world you didn't even know you had.

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Travel FilmFest 2017


Will a 14 lb. bowling ball float in the dead sea?

Mineral Beach, Israel

Can a really powerful electromagnet cut through a piece of cheese?

CERN, near Geneva Switzerland

Can the power of the sun pour me a cocktail at a height of 72 ft.?

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Can a finger really be used to stop a leaky dike?

The Netherlands

How can a man prepare himself to dance through fire without getting burned?

East New Britain, Papua New Guinea

Is it cold enough to turn boiling water into snow?

Girardville, Québec, Canada

How can you make lichens smile?

Skeleton Coast, Namibia

How many chickens are in Chicken, Alaska?

Chicken, Alaska, USA

Deleted scene: How Chicken, AK Got Its Name